"It was completely amazing - beginning to end. I think I was either smiling or singing the whole evening!"


“Loved this show! The commentary about how some of the songs originally came into being was a nice added touch! I will search you out again!”


“Reminiscing is so much fun! This band is talented and entertaining! We could not stop singing along and after all this time, we still remembered almost every word. I love this band and highly recommend!”


“Totally Loved it!”


“I don't know the last time i stepped out of the heaviness of life and just enjoyed myself like that. Your gift of music really is a blessing to others and I have experienced that!!” 


“So fun reminiscing with you! Your harmonies gave me goosebumps!”


“These songs were my favorites from the 70s era. This band will not disappoint!”


"The show was awesome! Can’t wait to see them again!”


"I attended tonight, soooooo much fun!!!!"


“It was amazing!!”


Knew every word to every song!! So fun!”


“It was a very fun show! Some great harmonies in there.”


"Loved it! It was a great show!”


“I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your show last night! It was so much fun and I think the way that you guys paced the songs was really great. I definitely wanted to dance and I laughed a lot because you both had some really hilarious real humor! I sensed how much the audience was with you, and that was really fun to see as well. I think you've put together a really wonderful show that people are going to enjoy over and over. I felt like I would love to see it again, just to remember all the songs that you did. Congratulations on all the hard work, and for a show really well done!”


“We had a great time, that's a lot of talent on that stage!”


“It was excellent!”


“So much fun to “reminisce” with all of those songs from the best decade ever! Singers and musicians were all fantastic!”


“I had so much fun! I’m officially a groupie!"


“So fun! Loved it! Great choice of songs!”


“Great time.... great music!"


“I thought that I wouldn’t know that many of the songs because I grew up really in the 80s more but it’s crazy how we would get to the chorus and then I would totally remember the song and be singing along. And the energy was so great between band members and the audience, and it made me want to dance on so many of the songs! It’s one of those shows where you just can’t help but smile and feel energized and it’s one I would definitely see again! They had just the right amount of humor, history, and singing in the show with trading off lead singers. Band was tight and so kickin’! I just think that they have created a really stellar professional show and if you get a chance to see it, go!”


It was fantastic! Can’t wait to go again!”


"Loved every minute!!”


"Absolutely fabulous, so much fun , and getting to reconnect with old friends was great !! Can't wait for the next time!!"


"You guys were amazing!! Can't get over the talent in your band. Loved all the fun songs too." 


“Sooo good! I was smiling and singing along. Songs full of memories! The whole band is impressive, talented and fun!”


They are so awesome!!”


"First show was a success and sellout - that says it all…”


So good!!! My era!!" 


“The show exceeded my expectations!! I love the song selections, the introduction of band members and stories along the way!!! We had the BEST night. I did not want it to end!!”